Development areas


Leasing and credit platforms with an automated decision and risk analysis system. Online payments, handling applications and contracts. Fully automated cashback platform with deep affiliate networks integration.

Dedicated solutions

We can elevate any idea with our unconventional workflow into a foolproof IT solution. We build tools which are not reflected in any of the classic IT systems. There is no impossible for us, only almost impossible.

B2B & B2C

Business solutions designed for Internet and intranet. E-commerce, business process managment, partners cooperation. Debt service, document flow, billing and invoicing.

Industry & IoT

Solutions supporting the production and postproduction process. Space shuttle, garbage or washing machine. Our solutions allows you to process collected data, create neural networks and increase intelligence of machines.


With cloud-computing and distributed data processing critical elements of our solutions can really spread their wings. They become highly-efficient and highly-accessible all at the same time, combined with intelligence based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.


OTT solution for VOD with PVR-s in cloud. Live streaming in 4K for both VOD and CCTV purposes using just Internet browser with latency close to zero. AI for detecting motion and objects on video stream.

Cooperative models

I have idea

You have a brief idea and you want to understand how we can transform it into a solution which will succeed. We can work in an agile way, while being engaged through the whole process or create well-defined requirements without disturbing you before the next milestone.

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I need team

We can allocate a complete team for your project. In this model we deliver accelerated time-to-market advantage, which works well for long-standing relationships and long-term projects, although it requires managerial experience and technical background.

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I need support

We can help you If you have an idea that you want to discuss, or an existing project without technical background. Providing audit to existing solutions, support, development thereof or simply consulting. We give you access to experienced professionals, who will boost you business.

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During the first step of our collaboration, we need to get all of the requirements from our client. During this process we work together as closely as possible, trying not only to understand the existing business, but also to find ways of improving it, making it more simple and elevating it to a whole new level.

Analytical process

Creating well-defined project needs analytic work. We need not only clear idea, needs and scope, but full background of environment, where solution will be deployed. We need to understand data, analog processes, people, integrations and document it, for design purposes.


As a result of collecting requirements and pursuing the analytic process, we create documentation, which allows us to estimate the cost of the project, as well as a brief schedule.


Business flow

At first, we need to establish all the business flows inside of the new solution and choose the right tools, which will make them stable and consistent.


Having the full spectrum of business process inside the solution we can make decisions about the architecture of the solution. We only choose the ways, which are scalable and cost-efficient. Decisions made during this step will result in the simplicity of the product and its maintenance.


Creating wireframes and mockups allows us to determine if the user experience will be as good as it possibly could. It’s also the final step in making sure that every process is designed just as expected. It allows us to show our client a draft of the working solution without creating it. It’s a great chance to revise the client’s needs without implementation.



At the time of development, we always offer phase-wise delivery and tight-up with the scheduled milestones. You have access to our staging labs platform.


For us, testing is just as important as developing. We use scenarios which were created during the analytic process.


Deployment of a new solution is always a big thing. It doesn’t matter if we migrate data from the existing solution or just deploy a new one. We always count down the days, cross our fingers and cool the champagne. In fact, we automated this process, so that deploying the whole solution, or even small changes is invisible and flawless.

How We Work

There are thousands of ways to work, but we found our golden path, that makes cooperation transparent, clean and clear for us and our clients.

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